I AM Artist Nichole Rae

This affirmation has been part of my daily practice for the last 5 years. I have been practicing speaking out these five words so I can be here with you, at the beginning. This led me to step into being a guide and a teacher. I AM here to guide you into a daily practice and begin with you. The Art Of Daily Practice is the foundation that has carried me into the desires of my heart and has given me the courage to cultivate my own vision. Over the years I have been practicing to heal what was heavy within. To heal body pain and negative self talk. To heal my own shadow I was standing in. What I didn’t know is that the practicing would become the answer to the questions and the calling within.



The Art Of Daily Practice was the outcome of years of meeting blank journal pages, A Course Of Miracles Book, creative supplies and faith-filled cups of coffee every morning. Day after day I practiced. I practiced creating space of what was heavy, what ached and hurt. I practiced filling the space with the truth and would ask for guidance each step of the way. There were lots of tears and miracles. I remember the “nudges” along the way that led me to keep practicing and these practices led me here to practice with you. I was taking leaps. I was saying “yes” to what most scared me. I was coming home to me. Each line I journaled, each affirmation I spoke out loud was creating what I most needed. Over the years of traveling 108 miles within through I AM affirmations has led me to invite you to practice with me. Nothing more. Nothing less.



Artist Nichole Rae is a guide and teaches the Art of Daily Practice, a healing arts practice. She has been creating for over 15 years and has a self-taught background in art journaling and mixed media book arts. She has been practicing for 5+ years in metaphysical healing and using creative journaling and affirmation practices to inspires one's creative spirit and connect one to their present self. Her work focuses on creating space to bring inspiration, healing and guidance into your life and cultivate the vision you carry within. She is passionate about beginning with you and cultivating a daily practice that you can carry with you. Nichole has been a regular guest on the ND Today Show sharing her practices, has a collection of creative tools, leads workshops, 1:1 sessions and has been part of many community events. Nichole carries the words "Create What You Most Need To Find" and today she is here to begin a creative daily practice with you.




  • I AM a student + teacher of the A Course In Miracles work

  • I AM the author of the book Art Journal Art Journey

  • I AM a self taught artist in mixed media book arts

  • I rise with “faith-filled” cups of coffee every morning

  • I AM from Minnesota + have an identical twin

  • I have a dog name Cali who I rescued while living in CA

  • Feathers are a symbol of my faith and carry the words “I AM exactly where I need to be”

  • I practice my hand lettering daily + carry over 1,000 hand lettered affirmations

  • I love the color teal + yellow ochre

  • In the last 15 years I have lived in MN, CA, AZ, FL and Nova Scotia Canada


"Born teacher, lover, creator and so much more." -Misty

"I just wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration! I always think about journaling but taking the time to journal seems overwhelming. This morning I sat down and wrote. An hour went by and I felt great. Continue to be you and inspiring others! In light, love and gratitude" - Chelsea

"If you have not met Artist Nichole Rae before - it's probably time you do - She's got a spark that'll ignite your creativity and a genuineness about her you will find nowhere else." - Ashley M.

"You really inspired me to think and be a better wife + human today! I am truly glad to have met you." - Karen B.

“Nichole is an artist. She is a working artist making a living off her passion. Everyday she creates and encourages me to do the same. Everyday she captures life through her camera lens and shares her story of strength, faith, peace and progress with the world. Nichole is an artist who continues to create even during difficult times. She does not let the roller coaster of life hinder her creativity, or her ability to express it. Her mixed media prints and mixed media books are inspiration to anyone lucky enough to see her work. Nichole is an artist I am lucky enough to call a friend." - Candice G.

“If you've had the pleasure of meeting Nichole you already know how supportive and genuine she is in raising others up, she's been such a blessing in my life the past year. She is an artist in town that consistently speaks truth into my soul. Her energy for highlighting hope in every moment comes from a great source of love and selflessness. She has extended cups of tea and words of affirmation.” - Ashley D.

"Nichole is a person who has shown up in my life at many different times. She is someone who continues to inspire me and helps me fill my soul when I feel it beginning to feel empty. One conversation with her can change your life. Thank you Nichole for being an inspiration in my life!" - Carrie S.