An Unfolding

i rise. i rise in dedication. dedication to my practice. dedication to this space. giving myself time to cultivate the unfolding of the words I carry "create what you most need to find". 7:42 am. this is the creation of those words. i am being shown how my practice is guiding. guiding me to trust my inner truth. to ask for guidance every step of the way. i carry the date july 13. i carry the number 30. i carry an intention to share all i am. the practice i have and am practicing each day. a practice that is inspired + faith-filled + spirited. It is evolving. i carry the words "ask. seek. you will find." a journal and pen in hand before falling asleep the words " i ask and need guidance on what the Art of Daily Practice looks like"... this morning i write. i write words on pages. creating guides. for you. for my truth. for the unfolding of lessons + truth. 

this is my first honest writing. a beginning of a new beginning.

i can feel it. i can feel my truth settling into this practice. to unfold into this practice and create what i most need to find. i carry the words "Art Of Daily Practice." a space i am being shown that i can bravely + boldly unfold into. the space where this beautiful practice of choosing love can be cultivated. i artist nichole rae have been practicing the principles of A Course In Miracles for over 2 years now. these 2 years have been documented through written lessons, rough drafted notes, photographs, mixed media collage, book arts and all the brave moments of stepping into the words "artist nichole rae." This journey is carrying a daily practice. a practice i was shown. shown through the practice of choosing love over fear. this love has been creating space within me. this space holds my truth. it holds my inner child. it holds a strong inner voice.  this inner voice unfolds into a collection of practices. practices that are cultivating my life and connecting my mind + body + spirit. these practices are aligning my truth - they are showing me how to SEE all the love within me.