i carry the words “ i trust myself” an affirmation that carries a truth i am meeting for this first time. this affirmation is inspired by the self-discovery and healing journey i have been on the last 2 years. This journey has been grounded in the practices of ACIM and for-give-ness lessons. Over the last 2 years i have released many heavy things from a 10 year chapter of my life and created more space in my life for love and truth.

i carry a knowing that this 2 year chapter of my life has come to a close and I AM stepping into a new beginning.

This new beginning carries truth and light. beginnings are beautiful. they also are filled with an unknown. This unknown is filled with open space and when i least expect it i feel the shadows of what i use to carry fill this space. as it fills the space i know the practice of for-give-ness lessons do not apply. that it is only a thought and is to be seen differently. to be seen in love. a love i know i have been given.

I carry a knowing ALL IS WELL.

a knowing my heart is healed from that part of my life and it is time to go forth into the next chapter. i know the love is there. that through the practice of releasing fear I have stepped into love. it is the knowing of what use to be there that has been crossing my path and creating some instability under my feet. i know it is here to teach me. this awareness has led me to the words


these words have not been carried in my life before, it was the awareness of what i most needed to find. i am aware of practicing my for-give-ness lessons. my days are filled with these. always releasing to create space though i was shown that this practice is what brings me from a fear state of being to a feeling of love. I was beginning to see clarity in the knowing i am only made of love. that love is within me. here. here i was shown that a new path is to be made. the path of love. a path filled with the words “ i trust myself” this would be my new practice. a practice that would keep me present and in the knowing of love. i was beginning to see that when i trust myself i am being present.

 i AM in my present self.

i smile as write this. this is new for me. i have been connected to my inner child and higher self the last 2 years, wildly learning about these creative spirits within me though now, now is filled with my present self - i am being called by my name Nichole Rae. this awareness is shifting my perception on how i see my life. seeing that when i am trusting myself I AM present and when I AM present the shadows of the dark clouds that were once there are no longer there. today i rose with the words “ i trust myself” these words are beginning to come when i feel familiar feelings or when i am reaching for my old script (emotional eating and lack of confidence) and it brings me to the present moment. “If i trust myself do i struggle with emotional eating” - i asked myself. I heard “NO - you are perfectly made” I asked myself if i trust myself do i carry my struggles - NO - i have taken those and filled you with light” I AM being shown that this new chapter begins a path of love and the words...

“i trust myself”

keep me on this path. it is more about seeing this love or shifting the moment by this affirmation before even needing to for-give the thought. it is about carrying what i know to be true, i am only love and in each moment keep myself on this path. these words I TRUST myself are becoming my new foundation. it is here when i trust myself that i am open. open to give and receive love. i am kind to my self and show my body respect and love. it is through trusting myself that confidence leads. a beautiful unfolding of seeing 2 paths. 1 of fear and 1 of love and knowing that now it is time to be PRESENT and go forth with all i know. with the knowing that we are only love  and this love sets us free. for-giveness lessons have created space within me to SEE this. for me for-give-ness lessons are my heart beat. I know that when something comes in my life is heavy I can use this to be guided to see it in the light of love. I am also be shown that i can cultivate my strength and choose to trust myself right away for this trust comes from the love within me. 









a practice filled with outspoken affirmations. these affirmations are grounded on the prompts:

{ I AM }   { I SEE }    { I AM ALIGNED }  { I AM HERE TO }  { I CARRY }  






to create an opportunity to connect with your present self + your voice. to create a positive foundation to bring into your day and inspire your spirit. this practice is inspired by the 108 hand-lettered affirmation devotions i write for my custom affirmation beads.  as well as my intuitive devotions sheets. I have discovered through the last 6 months of this daily practice that my present self carries strength and confidence. 





begin with a paper and pen

use the writing prompts above and write some affirmations. there is S P A C E in this practice. if you feel called to write just a few that is okay. If you fill pages that is okay. allow your present self to guide you. 

click the link below to be inspired by the moving devotions i use in my daily practice and let this be inspiration for you practice. 



be patient during this practice. it may take a few days to collect your affirmations. you can also write these affirmations daily as they unfold. 

If you are feeling blocked ask for guidance


this is the beautiful part of the journey. As we go forth setting an intention to shift our the words we carry from fear to love take time to breathe and be gentle on yourself. remember that this practice evolves daily. I have over 11 sheets of different affirmations that have been written over the 6 months. as you cultivate the words you carry and shift them to love you will be inspired and more words will be shown. 




each day read out loud the words you have written. 

there is strength when these words are spoken out loud. in the beginning be patient and move through the thoughts that may arise. hearing our own voice is healing and empowering and a vital part of connecting with your inner truth and present self. 

this can be done on your yoga mat. at a table. while your making coffee. tape them to your mirror in the bathroom and read them while getting ready. make extra copies and place them in your car or work. 

Use these words as building blocks for your foundation to cultivate your inner truth and present self. 




As you go forth add more affirmations to your list. 

your list can be a collection of different writing prompts or even just single words. 

I have found that reading out 108 affirmations becomes a meditation or what i call a moving devotion. you can feel your mind calm and your inner truth come alive. 

this practice has been the foundation of the ART OF DAILY PRACTICE


I AM going through

I SEE love

I AM ALIGNED in truth

I CARRY confidence

Trust the process

I AM HERE TO inspire 

I CARRY INTENTIONS TO travel and carry this practice with me

~ artist nichole rae