Custom Affirmation Beads


Custom Affirmation Beads


Custom Handcrafted Affirmation Beads 

 I will intuitively create your set or you may make notes in the "form" on colors that you would like me to take into consideration in the creative process. 



108 beads on a nylon cord with handcrafted tassel

Note: they are NOT knotted in between
Silver glass beads are in between each large bead.


{CREATE WITH ME - Choose your colors - CUSTOM }
Each set of 108 beads are custom created for you. 


Option 1: You can provide me 3 colors as well as if you like gold or silver added in and I will intuitively create your set (in form)

Option 2- You can also have me create a set for you choosing intuitively choosing colors for you.

Option 1: Choose color, be specific when describing color (in form)

Option 2: I can choose tassel color for you


Each affirmation sheet contains 108 affirmations and are intuitively handwritten for you. 
You can provide me any words you carry in your heart in form


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All beads before crafted rest in sunlight.  This cleanses the beads and energizes them.
When your beads are created I set an intention for your beads to be created with truth + love. During this time candles are light, music plays and all technology is turned off in my studio. I honor this time for you. Each bead is put on with the custom affirmation spoken out loud. Each silver bead is symbolic for the stillness and breath that happens naturally between each affirmation. Each knot made is made in affirmation. “I knot this in truth + love”



Your beads are then dedicated to you the next day as part of my morning devotion. A candle is lit,  each affirmation is read out loud to each bead. The beads are dedicated with an essential oil handcrafted called Love. An intention is made before they are placed in their canvas bag asking that the beads be filled with what you most need and that they ground you in love and truth. Your beads are sent to you in a cloth pouch with the candle that was lit. Your affirmation devotion sheet, a hand-lettered dedication note and affirmation is included. Each set is made with love + gratitude for you in my life. 

The journey to receive your beads is a 3 week process and will be mailed by or on the day 3 weeks from placing your order. 

Payment must be received + processed before order is started. 

Shipping rates apply.