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(with faith-filled cups of coffee)

I AM Grateful You Are Here!

Whether we connected in person, on Instagram, you were told about the Art Of Daily Practice or all things aligned and you found yourself here, I AM honored to begin a daily practice with you.

My practice (and this site) are for you to bring inspiration + healing + guidance into your life.

I AM here to guide you through and into the space within.

Let’s begin together !


All you need is a little bit of willingness to practice with me

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Together we will embrace the beginning



  • Desiring to take time for yourself

  • Wanting to inspire your creativity

  • In need of emotional healing

  • Wanting to use all those blank journals you have

  • Interested in the mind-body connection and want to learn more

  • Looking for another way through

  • Wanting to deepen an existing practice

  • Needing to make shifts in your life

  • Feeling blocked

  • Beginning again after a life transition

  • Carrying anxiety, depression, or any physical/mental alignment and need tools to help you

  • Feeling the “nudge” within you

Then you are exactly where you need to be

I carry online courses, guides and tools for you to begin with me. If you are in the Midwest (Moorhead MN) then you can practice with me at my home studio. I AM able to do remote sessions as well and travel with my practices, so that means that all the bases are covered and no matter what there is a way through. Let’s begin this practice together !



The Art Of Daily Practice master course carries the foundational journaling and affirmation practices for you to begin a daily practice. This course is self-guided and carries all the guidance you will need to begin.


1:1 sessions are a way to begin or deepen your daily practice with me. Each session is customized for you and I will meet you exactly where you are. This option is great if you need a little “nudge” to begin or would like to go deeper into the Art Of Daily Practice




If you are interested in learning more about affirmations and journaling practices or want to cultivate a hand lettering practice I have created a collection of guides for you.


Looking for tools that you can use in your practice ? I have an affirmation card deck, create custom affirmation beads and candles for you to inspire your practice and have in your space.

Want to practice with your tribe or have an event you would like to collaborate on? The possibilities are endless. Let’s connect, set the date and unfold into all the details together!


Have questions or just need to connect with me before you begin


The practice we had with you yesterday was utterly life changing.”

I have no idea still how you were able to feel the nudges that helped you understand my friend and I so much. You were truly able to tap into something I didn’t even realize was weighing oh so heavily on me. You’ve also helped us both strengthen and nourish important relationships in our lives.. our friendship, a marriage, a maternal bond. I AM so READY to be open and honest, as well as to forgive and release the negativity inside of me that’s been holding me back. Thank you for this beautiful experience. I AM trusting the journey, and yesterday was just the beginning.”


“I learned a real strategy to release what no longer serves me and ways to change my thoughts to change my life.”


“One conversation with her can change your life.

Nichole is a person who has shown up in my life at many different times. She is someone who continues to inspire me and helps me fill my soul when I feel it beginning to feel empty. Thank you Nichole for being an inspiration in my life!"