for you

a collection of practices


to share the guidance i have collected

as a beginner

as an artist


i carry the words 

inspired + faith filled +spirited



lists of ideas + projects to try 


we  begin together 


are "little bits" to begin with 


a guide created for you


 collect + document + create

create wildly 


art journaling + book arts + lettering + mixed media collage 

Here is the process I carry

page by page


Collage + Storytelling for Honoring Your Creative Process



asking. listening. trusting

choosing love each day

this is center of all i am 

affirmations + journaling practices + morning devotions

A Course In Miracles Practices

journal practices

gratitude + guidance + i carry & forgive + vision journaling

a practice using hand-lettering through affirmation journaling



cultivating wellness -  a dedication 

through gentle practices of movement 

i have found strength in connecting my mind + body

i have found healing + space within

I carry the words "faith warrior"

day by day asking for guidance 

connecting with my truth + my faith

one breath -to- one movement

meeting my yoga mat + indoor cycling 

practicing + teaching 

honoring this process becoming whole + strong





"This brings a smile to my face. Thank you so much Nichole, every time I feel fear I tell myself there's only love.  I can see it working already, I really can."

John S. Ceo + Founder  Suspended Coffees


"This is you.. teaching integration {connecting individuals to their breath} to the yoga practice- your a natural- you lead from your heart. "

Julie S Director + Yoga Instructor YMCA 

"That was the most miles i have went and I have been cycling for 5 years- I loved the music - it was a meditiation"

Lance - cyclist 







© Artist Nichole Rae 2015