Lesson 135 {Lesson 1 to a new beginning}

i am. i am exactly where i need to be. grounded. grounded with a knowing of a truth within. a knowing built upon choosing love. choosing love each day. going forth. going forth into the “Work” that has created a space within for this love to be. to be free. free to shine. to shine light. grounded. grounded in the knowing i am beginning. 2 years of dedication - of choosing to lead and live in love. unfolding through practices of forgiveness and love. going forth letting go and creating space. space i now stand in. the space within me. an unfolding of collaging walls and ceiling, finding words and lettering truth do i SEE i am exactly where i need to be. the words “this is a local artist who is creating a custom installation and custom hand-lettered affirmations for our event is a misfit- embracing her 3rd year with us.” grounded. grounded in truth. a truth that a misfit is someone who knows their truth and carries it with them. grounded in the space within. within is a calm feeling of “all is well” you have arrived. i carry the words delight + darling. I carry this moment unfolding - morning devotions. rising with the light. i am home. home within the truth of my heart. i have returned to the space i have never left. going forth into this light.