i carry the words I AM LIVING HERE. 4 words that unfolded. unfolded on the city streets of new york city. a beautiful truth of being shown how far i have come on this journey. this journey of discovering my inner child and truth. these words carry the unfolding of speaking wildly of my work. the work i have been cultivating on this journey. my beads. my book. the art of daily practice. a course of miracles. this journey has unfolded lessons. healing. wisdom. light. moments of synchronicity. opportunities. devotions. each step i took on the city streets i stepped into  the words I AM artist nichole rae. 10 years ago i stood on these streets and today i stood where i had stood with a knowing I AM ALIVE. i am breathing into all i am. i am learning in the unfolding of the layers. carrying gratitude + guidance. asking. practicing. seeking. finding. creating. walking forward. the streets of new york met the space within me. subway rides. walks in central park. rooftops + confetti. divine connection + hugs. I AM ALIVE. new york city was the rhythm my heart was beating to. i was living. i was living in the present moment. breathing it all in. all of it. heartfelt and spirited. step by step i was walking into all i am. at midnight the night before i would embark back to the midwest the words “ I AM ALIVE and each night I have laid my head on my pillow in Queens - i believe that means I AM LIVING HERE. i smile as i type this. the words “i live both in Fargo and here, traveling back and forth unfolded as i was speaking. these words hold a truth i am learning to SEE with only love + light. i am SEEING my present self evolve. these words are guiding me to settle into my work and cultivate it from this space. to know all is well. this journey - this 2 year + 10 year journey has come to a close and a new book is opening. standing on the city streets of new york city i could feel myself grounded. grounded in the space within. it is time to go forth into my “present self” to teach. to shine light. to meet all i am. 



i carry these words 

“As I read your words, I can feel your flow, @artistnicholerae. Both you and @naturallyrandikay share a special energy. And you can connect across many frequencies at the same time. Not spoken yet heard; sharing feeling without touching; and touching with vision and with light. Something very special going on. Thanks for keeping that New York City light on. Hope to see both of you again, soon. Sometimes we just have to click we are there. Wherever and whenever. Looking forward to sharing another hug again” - Jeff. Pulver