W I D E O P E N. -

A wide open heart. A place of giving. A space to practice receiving. Your wide open heart takes it all in. Most times it holds and carries. It sits with it all. All of it. Sometimes it chooses strength and it tries ever so hard to not feel. Sometimes it builds a wall with blocks that your mind uses to protect you. Sometimes it pushes away. Sometimes it makes you go towards so fast because the feelings are just too much. Sometimes it SEE’s the way through. Either way we go we must keep our heart wide open. -

Within the space of your heart wide open is where your healing meets your truth and guidance arrives. It nudges the edges of your heart to go right through the blocks of fear and choose the infinite amounts of love that is always there. -

Your open heart will carry you if you allow it. It is a practice. A daily practice of staying close to you through all you practice. A practice of giving love a way into your mind and your body. To move in the openness of your heart and show you what you most need. To show you that when you let go and release with an open heart, love will guide you and bring the miracles in ways you could never even imagine. -

You can grow with your heart open. The light can guide you. The healing can bring peace and understanding. The guidance can show you the next step and your heart can hold you through. May you keep your heart so wide open it carries you home to all you are. Practice with me and join in my new online course to begin a daily practice with me to go forth with an open heart or practice opening your heart. The Course is available in link or artofdailyractice.com