I DO ... -

I have been carrying these 2 words with me. They have been showing me how to love. How to open my heart year after year. These 2 words I spoke 15 years ago. I stood in front of who my heart had chose. I stood in a white dress at midnight in Florida durning a hurricane and got married. At that time I said I DO to going forth with another —no matter what. -

5 years ago I took that day back. I was on a run along the river back home. I was now standing on my own. It was time to say I DO to me. To honor all the love I had given in those 8 years. I remember texting my friends to be my witness as I honored the day for all the love I had given and the beginning of saying I DO to me. -

Today September 4th I celebrate the day again. Remembering how much love this day carries. Today I say I DO to a new story. This past weekend I closed a chapter and was given the healing I needed in my heart 15 years ago as well as 7 years ago. I stood up and honored the truth in my heart. It was hard. It was clear. It was known after months of praying and asking for guidance. It was time. -

Today I celebrate saying I DO to the new story that has filled the space and yes to a new chapter. I ask you just like I did years ago to be my witness to embarking on a new adventure. To the commitment of something new. Something different. Thank you for all who have held space for me and for all who “heart” each post I leave here. To you I say I DO to creating the love.