Hold space... -

Hold space for you. Practice. Practice getting close to you. So close you feel the space within you. Breathe here. Hold your heart. Allow the love to guide you. Ask yourself questions. Listen. The space carries compassion. Peace. Patience. It carries truth. Your truth. -

Here in this space you will learn. You will grow. You will feel all that is within. It is okay. You are okay here. Hold the space for you to discover. To uncover. To unfold what you need. What you need to go forth with. What you need to process and understand. What you need clarity on. Your truth knows. -

Hold space for you for you are worth it. You are enough. You are here for a purpose. This space is for you to connect with the love within you and allow it to bring the healing. The miracles. The light to illuminate all that you are. Hold space for you darling for you are more than loved. You are held. -

Hold space. Nothing more and nothing less.