“You are doing good.” -

Yes - YOU. “You are doing good.” These 4 words were spoken to me this morning. I heard them. I AM holding them. I AM carrying them into my practice. These 4 words are moving me. Moving me to SEE (with light) all I AM doing in a different light. A bright light. Bright enough to SEE past what my mind thinks and go deeper. To SEE with vision. To SEE with truth. “You are doing good.” -

These words carry what we most need to be present. To soften to all you have accomplished. Done. Overcome. Risen from. Evolved into. Become. Learned. Grown. Achieved. Succeeded in. All you have healed from. These words shift our perspective. “You are doing good.” -

These words are creating space for me. to just be. To be with me. To get closer to me. Nothing more. Nothing less. “You are doing good.” -

In this moment I felt an awareness of how far I have come. How much I have shifted and how I have created what I have most needed. They are allowing me to pause and reflect. To quiet the striving, pushing, not enough, this is lacking, that needs to change voice in my head I hear daily. “You are doing good.” -

I am taking these words with me today. Using the light to guide me confidently and with ease to release what I had been choosing to choose differently. To choose the love that is here. To choose the support and encouragement present. To choose the truth. “You are doing good.” -

As you go into the day I invite you to practice with me. Take a moment and make a list of areas you are doing good in. Take a moment and truly see how far you have come from a year ago - a month ago. A week ago. Each day you are doing better. Why ? Because you are showing up. “You are doing good.” -

I AM DOING GOOD rising earlier. I AM DOING GOOD eating healthy meals and cooking. I AM DOING GOOD trying new things. I AM DOING GOOD keeping my schedule with some open space. I AM DOING GOOD sharing my needs. I AM DOING GOOD moving my body. I AM DOING GOOD remembering healing physical body is a priority and taking steps to stay steady.