“What would happen if...?” -

Ask yourself the above question and fill in the blank with whatever you are carrying. Say it out loud with me “What would happen if....?” This question has been shown to me over the last few days through 1:1 sessions. I was nudged to ask my students this question to bring the fear they were carrying to the light. -

What would happen if.... you chose to have a conversation with that person? If you put your needs first? If you chose differently? If you released the thoughts you think others have about you. What would happen? -

What would happen if...you gave love a way in. You for-gave what has been blocking the light within you and gave yourself a way out? If you chose your own healing. Your own calling. What would happen? -

As my students shared what they carried I was shown that it is much more challenging to be standing on the side of fear (in the dark) with all the wonderings and resistance then to cross over and be in the light. In your own light. The “other side” is where your light is - what you are created in and with and this has always been with you. This light is necessary, a choice that will help you SEE all you most need to keep going forth. -

What would happen if ... you stood with confidence? Honored your needs? Pursued your desires? Took a leap? Was brave? Chose a path you have not traveled before? What would happen if you let the adventure carry you? If you chose the present and released the past and the future? What would happen? -

I invite you to practice with me. Ask yourself these questions. Just listen. Hold space for you. Love is here. The light is shining. Meet a journal. Talk to yourself out loud. You know what you need. You know what you need. You know your light and it’s strength. Together let’s choose love and be brave to be fully in our light allowing all the reasons to what would happen find peace.