Play. -

This word has been showing itself to me over the last few weeks. It is a new word for me. Something I AM practicing. Over the years I have been doing the work to create open space within. This work unfolds in my daily practice and has evolved into the Art Of Daily Practice. -

This work has become what I know. I have a dear friend @myactualbrandwho said “Nichole you are one of the only people I know always doing the work.” This was a complement though also guidance in practicing how to play. How to meet this open space I have been creating through my practice. How to allow myself to just be. To be present. -

The present has been carrying the words “simple and fun.” The same as the word “play” it is new to me. I have been desiring to play. I have been resting this year. A priority to meet my intention to heal my physical body. I have been reading affirmations about living simply and having fun and now it is here. The space and the time are meeting me with what I have been going towards. -

The going towards carries the new, new experiences, new people, new feelings, new ways. This for many of us is going out of our comfort zone. The comfort zone for me has been my practice - the work and now it is time to play. To let possibility and opportunity to fill the space. It requires a deep breath and surrender of your to do list and what you know. When we surrender we can create whatever it is we need. For me I am practicing asking myself what I need to take steps into playing. Into the fun. Keeping it simple. Deep breath Nichole. I can feel it all as I write. -

I invite you to practice with me. Practice taking a deep breath and saying out loud “I will play this weekend. I will have fun and keep it simple.” As you say this you may have no idea what this will look like or how (I have this feeling now) though when we practice we go towards our life with love and this love carries all we most need. Together let’s open our hearts and soften our thoughts to allow the fun, simple and art of playing unfold. -

I AM WITH YOU - Artist Nichole Rae