Go where you most need to go. Take steps towards and practice. Practice going where your desires are. It is okay if you have never been there before. It is time. Time to go. Go into the love within. Be brave and try new things. Let’s go. Say “yes” to what is showing up. Say “yes” to what you most need. It is okay if you have no idea what you are doing. This is why we practice. This is why we declare our life as a practice to be able to take steps into the NEW. You have everything you need. -

You must go. You must do what you love to do along the way. You must create.You must say “yes” to you. Yes, to YOU and all that you desire within. It is okay if you feel where your comfort meets the edge within. This is where we can practice. We can practice for-giving the fear. We can practice choosing the truth through I AM affirmations. -

This is how I practice. I meet these over and over. Day after day. I meet what has been carrying me through. Let’s go together.