Showing up.

The showing up is practicing. Nothing more is needed. There is something that happens when you show up for yourself. It doesn’t matter what you are carrying. The resistance. The “feels” of having your guard up. When you show up for you - you begin the art of practicing. You begin to go towards your life with love. This love carries space. Space for you to connect with your inspiration + healing + guidance. This is what practicing is to me.

I have been showing up to this table for 6 years every morning (a few times it was a table in CA or Canada) to practice the art of practicing. There is nothing easy about showing up though reflecting on this journey I can tell you that when you show up with you the practice has already began to unfold. Love has a beautiful way of carrying, holding and nudging you along and encouraging you every step of the way.

In this moment as you continue to show up, you will gain more awareness and it is here you will see that when you meet “you” at the table - faith filled cup of coffee in hand that this is the “work” that can never be taken from you. You can never lose it. It is always with you. This is what keeps me walking to this table and sitting down with journals to ask for guidance, to for-give and practice I AM affirmations. It is a practice. The work is the practice. The practice is showing up. The showing up is the practice.

When you show up exactly where you are with everything you carry your most present self will lead you into the art of practicing. You know what you need. Everything is within you. Trust darling. Trust that you are enough. Trust in your abilities. Your talents. Your desires. Your purpose. Your calling. It is yours. Keep showing up because you are practicing and when we practice we create space for love to move in us and create what we most need to find.