Just keep practicing ....

No matter what you feel, what you carry, what is taking up space, no matter what you have in your mind just keep practicing.

The word “practice” or “practicing” can seem like you have to do more than you are doing. It may carry a pressure of “you need to do this or that” or that you are not enough in what you are doing.

The beauty in practicing is that it only carries love. It carries space for you to show up just the way you are. You can bring all that is with you including all those thoughts above. You can show up in your cozy clothes, with boxes of Kleenex (my current situation + allergies) no matter how you feel and declare that you are practicing.

Within the practice there is space and here is where your inspiration + healing + guidance is. It will meet you exactly where you are and just the way you need.

You can practice in many ways. 

I use a journal and pen to practice with. The blank page becomes symbolic for the space within. I use I AM affirmations to raise my vibration and strengthen the truth within. I enjoy a faith-filled cup of coffee. Your practice may unfold on a yoga mat, durning a walk or run, while you are cooking over even doing laundry (yes I know this seems odd). -

When we see all that we do in our lives as a practice we can receive the inspiration + healing + guidance at all times. It is always with us. It is within us. As we go towards practicing we remove the blocks we carry and the love found within the practice guides you, shifts you and moves in you. -

To practice is a declaration you make. In my events and sessions I invite my students to declare “I have a daily practice” by repeating that exact sentence. (Practice with me). It is no more than this. We don’t need to be “doing”something we are not doing - we need to embrace that all we do as our practice and that we are “practicing” ... one dish, one load of laundry, one journal page, one yoga pose, one step in front of another, one cup of coffee at a time.