What do you hear?

Do you hear noise in the room? Do you hear the voice within ? What is telling you ? Is light ? It is heavy ? Do you hear fear? Do you hear judgements or the old story? Do you hear your vision and desires nudging you ? -

Listening is a practice. It is not in the same way we think “to listen is.” Listening in the every day world takes a different type of energy. You may be somewhere you need to listen. To take all kinds of information in. You may have heard you don’t listen or your not a good listener. You may listen and not remember what you hear. All of these things and more come when we look at the word “listen.” All do these things are ok to relate to because we are going to look at listening in a different way. -

In the “practice of listening” we hold space. We meet the space with love when we practice. Look at the word listening and let’s have it written as 2 words... “listen-ing.” The “ing” here is symbolic for your present self. When we listen from the space within and not the outer world or from our ego mind it is different. The space within carries everything you most need and when practice we begin to strengthen the connection to our present self and the practice of listen-ing... listen-ing to the guidance, the “nudges,” to our intuition, to the highest power within. -

Listen-ing within is gentle. It is soft. It is so quiet you often miss it. This is why it is a practice. This is a practice I take with me into my journal. I meet a blank page, pen in hand and I sit and listen for my present self. Sometimes I don’t hear anything. Sometimes the page is full. Listen-ing can happen in the practice and it can also unfold while you are just going through your daily tasks and routine. You may hear something while driving, walking through a door way, cooking, while on a walk. These places are not where you think you would receive guidance though when we are not pushing at it and there is space it often arrives when you least expect it.

Over the years I have stayed close to the foundational practices within the work I carry of the Art Of Daily Practice. I have cleared space with for-five journaling and strengthened my listen-ing through Guidance journaling. I also have filled the space with truth allowing my present self to be held and embraced with what I most need. -

These practices will be all coming together in a NEW COURSE I am working on. If you want to meet them before then my creative journaling course will also introduce you to them along with 5 other journaling + affirmation practices and the guide is on SALE in my shop at