This is your practice.

You have a practice. Everyone has a practice. Everyone is practicing. It is a practice. It is the going towards your own life with love. This looks different for everyone though the difference is still a practice.

We practice to create space. This space carries everything we most need. This space is within each of us and is connected to the highest power. This space carries your inspiration + healing + guidance. We practice. We practice practicing.

Your practice is your practice. Look at what you love. What you love to do. This is your practice. Now take a look at what you want to do or feel the resistance to do. This is your practice. Look at what lights you up and also what challenges you. This is your practice. Feel what moves you and also what feels heavy and keeps your heart closed. This is your practice. See what you do well and what you need to work on. This is your practice. Reflect on all you have done and all the desires within your heart you yearn to do. This is your practice. Look at what aches, what you have been carrying and the knowing within you of truth. This is your practice.

Your practice is your practice. This practice is a practice. Practice. Meet your practices. Stay close to your practice. Share your practice. Allow your practice to move in you. Let it create the space. Open your heart to your practice. Breathe into the practice and create what you most need through the practice.

Nothing more. Nothing less.