I rise with a journal, my favorite pen (@pilotpenusa G2-07) and a faith-filled cup of coffee (@dunkin Donuts Original). -

I meet the space with music. My puppy Cali. Essential oils. Card decks. Stones. A view of my backyard. -

I unfold onto the blank page a collection of prompts .....The date (This is a way to make the first mark on the paper), The words “Today’s Intentions,” “Guidance,” “I For-Give + Release (If I need to create space which happens daily) and today the question “What do I need?” onto the 2 page spread. -

I practice. -

The practice is....The sitting. The willingness. The faith. The growth. The releasing of the heaviness. The allowing. The receiving. The being. The giving. The serving. The choosing of love. The going towards. The undoing. The rising. The carrying of hope. The listening to desires within your heart. The accepting. The acknowledging. The devotion within you. The spiritedness guiding you. -

The practice is showing up how ever you feel. It is the arriving of you to your present self. It is the getting close to the questions. To the softness you carry. To the space within. To the guidance and truth here. The practice is in the waiting and being patient. It is in the holding of space for yourself knowing it is okay. It is okay to evolve and change. To shift. To feel joy so deep you start dancing. It is okay to invest into you. To rise and shine your light allowing it to guide you forth and as you do you serve. You serve the highest place within and the ones around you are blessed as are you. -

The practice is the love. The love within you. The love you are created in. The love you give. The love you receive. The love you most need. This love is in the practice. Nothing more. Nothing less. -

When we practice we go towards all we do in our life with love. This love carries space and within this space is the inspiration + guidance + healing you most need. -

I AM here to practice with you.