The blank page.

These 3 words can often bring the “feels” when sitting down to journal. The thought of “what if someone finds this?” or the idea of a “dear diary” makes you want to close the journal. The thoughts of “I don’t want to ruin this or waste the pages” comes to mind. (Sounding familiar) There is also the stacks of journals that are waiting your arrival that have all kinds of “feels” labeled on them. “That was a gift, I need to use it for something special” or “What do I do with this journal?” Can hold you back from all that a blank page carries. 

In my practices with students they are often surprised and smiling when I begin to share about the stacks of journals they have. They will comment “She is reading my mind.” I know these things because I was once there. I had a love for journals and pens, so much that now a friend and I have a little ditty that is the words “journals + pens” as someone makes a beat box sound. (Smiling as I write some of those words. Keep going Nichole.) I was the one that when I heard “journaling” my spirit knew it was what I needed though the ego thoughts (ones above) kept me far away from “Ruining a journal.” Today that is different. 6 years later a journal carries this heart of mine and here is how I see a journal now. 

1. The blank page is symbolic for the space you most need. We are all “doing “ things to create and feel space in our life. All these things are good though we have “to do” them. A blank page is there - waiting your arrival. There is nothing you need to do except open the journal. This space carries what you most need. It carries what you are needing to find. 

2. The blank page is symbolic for a deep breath. In my lettering practices I have my students practice turning a blank page in between each page they use. This challenges some though I share with them that a blank page carries a deep breath. Take a deep breath every time you turn the page. In yoga we use our breath to create space as we meet our mat. In a journaling practice your journal is the mat. Meet yourself there and practice. 

3. The blank page is where we practice. We practice meeting all we carry within. We practice laying it down. We practice creating space within to process and heal. We practice filling this space with truth, with faith, with love. We practice - practicing to go towards all we do with this love to bring inspiration + guidance + healing into our life. 

Thousands of blank pages later and stacks of filled journals I now share ways that I meet a journal in a collection of online courses and guides available in the shop. These courses give you affirmations and journaling prompts to meet those blank pages and begin a daily practice to go into the space within. My creative journaling course along with additional guides to deepen your practice are on sale for you practice with me. I am also in the practice of creating a new course on the Art Of Daily Practice that will be documented as if I was in a 1:1 session with you. All those blank pages have led me here to create what I most need for you to practice with me.