And so it is.

These 4 words always close a prayer. There is power in prayer - what I refer to as “PIP.” I have found that my prayers over the years have come to simple words like “God please be with me, work through me, guide me, lead me, show me.” These prayers are short but ever so powerful in the act of surrendering the “trying” we do when we do it by ourselves.

My prayers unfold in guidance journaling and the words I For-Give and release when doing an extended healing lesson for someone else. Love is the energy within prayer. Love for God. Love within ourselves to extend to another as well as to reflect this love back onto ourselves. Prayer is like a messenger of love. An intention + love = prayer and the beautiful declaration of the words “and so it is.”

Today may your heart be moved by love and your mind by intention to whisper + speak prayers onto your life and to others. May you feel peace within to declare “and so it is” knowing there is nothing more you need to do. God has heard you. You have done the work. Now practice. Practice keeping the space open to receive the love you extended out to return home to the love within you.