You are such a positive person.” .

These 6 words I have heard throughout the last 4 years teaching my own healing practice called the Art Of Daily Practice. To be honest these words are hard to hear sometimes. Positivity does not come easy to me. How I am able to encourage someone else is through faith. I have faith. I have grown my faith over the years and no matter what I AM going through I know God is always with me. .

A year ago I tattooed the words “I am with you” to always have the truth with me. Positivity for me doesn’t come out “Hey let’s be positive” - it comes out of choosing love and knowing that this is always the way through. .

For many years I carried fear, negative thoughts, and this manifested into body pain and low self confidence. The last 4 years I have been doing the work to take steps in love. I still hear the voice. I still feel the hesitation and feel in awe of some of the miracles that have unfolded. .

I have learned through the #ACIM work about fear and how to shift this to love. This practice is the foundation in the Art Of Daily Practice through the affirmation “I For-give + release.”
This practice is the “why” and the “how” I practice “being positive.” When we clear space of what no longer serves us by choosing to give love a way in, this is a miracle and this miracle is the removal of what was blocking your love. The more you choose to give love a way in the more love you feel and this love shows up in many ways such as a peace, encouragement to another, guidance, patience and trust in the process of life.

This “being positive” for me is more about faith. I have faith. I carry an affirmation “ I AM armed with faith.” Faith carries God’s strength and through this I AM able to channel out guidance, inspiration and help others with healing. Faith is a beautiful invisible energy that is strong. Grounded. Secure. It carries light even when you can’t see. It nudges you to believe in what you are unable to see and helps you with the unsureness, fears, unknowns that life carries. We can all practice positivity by choosing love every time. It is a practice and some days and moments we won’t though through this is where our faith becomes stronger. We learn little by little that love is the only way. The only way forth. The only way through. The only way to rise.