Over the years of guiding others through the Art Of Daily Practice I have heard the words “ I AM not creative, I AM not artsy, I AM not crafty, I AM not artistic, “oh, my sister is the artist in the family not me....”The list could go on. As I collected this list my heart was moved as I began to do my own healing work and study the ACIM though I have also carried my own “list” around creativity. .

MY LIST: “I have been creative since I was 6 years old” - these words I have carried with me. These feel light. I have also carried these words - “there was a time in my 20’s that I wasn’t creating and my heart ached.” I have carried feeling anxious when I am around “formal art supplies” such as drawing pencils or paint. Owning the title of an artist came with all the feels one can have. I have felt the heaviness of not creating in ways I once did (book arts, canvas work) or as often, at one point it was a page a day until the book was completed. I carry my journey of pushing myself down a creative career that lead me to trying 2 different paths that I did not finish. .

All of these things - whatever they may be do not define you as creative or not creative. An artist or not a artist. Crafty or not crafty. Artistic or not artistic. Whatever may be on your list does not have anything to do with you NOT being creative. .

The passion has gotten stronger in this heart of mine to breakdown the stereotype of what creativity is. .

Everyone is creative. Creativity is an energy, a fuel that carries you into your vision, the desires of your heart. Creativity is not artsy, crafty supplies- it is within each of us. It is what makes us who we are. It drives us. Carries us. Moves us. Evolves us. It heals us. It allows us to expand. .

We are ALL creative. Creative in different ways. Yes, you may use “art” supplies or you may be creative in how you dress. How you parent your child. How you decorate your home. How you cook. How you think and process. You may be creative in your expression or the way you move through life.

Creativity is the energy that we are created in. It is intentional and unique. It is abundant and open. It is willing and flexible. It is accepting and bold. Creativity is within you - allow your present self to show you how you are creative and may you be brave enough to speak out “ I AM creative.”