Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete. John 16:24 .

This verse is dear to me. A faith-filled friend @courtneystorts made me a hand lettered canvas a few years ago that I see each morning as I meet my daily practice. .

This verse reminds me when I first started to practice 6 years ago. I remember over the years always struggling to ask for help from others let alone God. I would pray though at the time my heart was not surrendered to laying down what stood between me and receiving. Many of us struggle asking for help. Somewhere along our journey we say “I can do this on my own.” These words are valid to get you to make a change or shift though they won’t carry you through without it being heavy. When we try to do it on our own it is heavy. This heavy shows up in anxiety, depression, body pain, stress etc. .

6 years ago I did just that - I leaped with my own self not knowing what would be. When I made it back home to MN and began to meet the #ACIM work something changed. Something began to carry me. This something was faith. I remember having a vision of myself up in heaven at the big white gate and hearing “Nichole, darling you never asked me for anything.” I could feel just how heavy life was - trying to do it on my own. Since that vision I have been practicing asking. Asking for guidance in everything. .

This practice evolved into Guidance Journaling, one of the foundational practices within the Art Of Daily Practice and the online course I have. This practice consists of a journal, pen, the prompt “I ask + need guidance on..” and a little bit of willingness. 
Each evening I meet my journal and write this prompt for each line and fill in the blank with anything I am thinking, wondering, worrying about, decisions + choices etc. .

6 years later I remember hearing my sister say “my sister asks for guidance on everything” - it was clear that over the years and speaking the words “I have been asking for guidance on” has made a mark. A mark of faith in action.

Without this practice I wouldn’t be able to move forth. I would stand in my own way, some fear based thought would hold me back and the truth is I am not strong enough on my own. My strength comes from God. This strength has helped me “ask,” truly ask for help. For guidance. For the steps forth. When you truly ask you will know. It is not the thought of asking. It is asking. God, love I ask for guidance, help ... and then we have laid it down. We have created space to receive. This space carries everything you need. Practice with me darling.