Shift your focus from pain to creating.  Creating what ever you most need for here healing can meet you. When we create we hold space for healing to meet us and move in us. 

Hold the word creating as if it was home to your most present self. Meet the this word with a willingness for here space is made. Space to cozy up and just be. Space to make new. Space to come undone and change things around. Space to love bravely.

Creating is an energy that lifts us. It holds us so dearly and confirms the beauty of all that we are. Creating is expressive. Bold. Open. It speaks with intention and goes forth with desire. 

When we shift our focus from pain to creating we give love a way in to move in us what is heavy and aches. This love creates new. It restores. To renews. It expands the space within our heart to for-give and to meet all we do in life as a practice to receive the grace and compassion we most need. 

Creating is non-judgmental. It allows and gives permission. It takes its time and carries inspiration, wisdom and truth. We are created from the this energy of creating. Tuck into the uniqueness of who you are. How you are more than enough. 

Creating is love. Choose love. Choose to create what you most need.