I remember.... 

I remember seeing this blue book in the office of a chiropractor I was seeing 5 years ago. He shared to me that there was another layer to the pain I was feeling and that emotions can manifest in the body and pain can be felt. 

I remember hearing this and knowing deep within that this was where my pain was coming from. I had been carrying chronic pain since I was 16 and at the age of 27 I would be shown a different way. I know I had been seeking something (this something was spirit) and when I moved back home after a 8 year marriage ending I had space within to receive what I most seeking and needing and that was healing.

I remember Dr John calling me “Darling” when I would walk in the room (this is the name I hear when I AM being divinely spoken to-he did not know this and now it is tattooed on my right arm). He would pick up the big blue book and read - sometimes just one sentence and the way I would feel was beyond my own words. I was understanding though was taken back that with what felt like deep concepts I was understanding at a level deeper than my own ability. He would guide me through to identify where I was feeling pain and begin to ask me questions on the emotions connected then address them through a chiropractic adjustment. I would cry. They were tears of releasing the emotion, belief, memory etc and the clearing of space. I didn’t know that at the time but over the years and through my own practice I see this and guide others to do the same. 

I remember him telling me he wanted me to be my own guide and to teach me how I could do this work on my own. I remember leaving the appointment and sitting in my car wondering what had just happened. I was moved. It was so new to me at that time 5 years ago though what I didn’t know then is that Love, God, Spirit was moving in me and what I was seeking all those years was seeking me. 

I remember hearing the text from the A Course In Miracles and wanting to write it all down. I remember trying to write down the steps I was receiving within - he would tell me “you don’t need to write it down” - he knew it was within me and 5 years later I carry those steps deep within my being and share them with others. 

I remember holding the book many times to purchase it and take it home. I remember finding the book A Return To Love by Marianne Williamson beginning there. The principles of the ACIM were broken down and simplified. I would begin here. 

I remember hearing I would teach the ACIM work through art journaling. I held onto this guidance and today I have guided hundreds of students through the Art Of Daily Practice. It was all given to me as I would rise with faith-filled cups of coffee. 

I remember beginning to read the lessons in the big blue book the first year. The text was too heavy. The second year I would meet a teacher who had a reading guide and I would begin to read sections of text and the lessons again. 

I remember 2 years ago holding the book and finishing on December 31st. It still moves me. I look at the book today and I moved that all those pages I had read. It was the first book I had read through besides what was required in school. 

The practices I share are grounded in this work and the 5 year journey of going through. I  AM here to be a guide and begin with you. I AM here to always be a “beginner” - to embrace all those “feels” and to inspire your creative spirit to go through. My Course carries the practices I have gathered and it meets you exactly where you are. Together we will remember that you are only love. You are whole and perfectly made.