Custom affirmation beads are a creative tool to practice outspoken I AM affirmations as part of your daily practice.

Each set is uniquely created and are one-of-a-kind.

108 "I AM" affirmations are intuitively hand-lettered for you carrying guidance + healing + love.

Your set of affirmations beads are created + dedicated with your custom hand-lettered affirmations spoken out loud.  




I carry a black pen + paper. I carry candle light + stillness. I ask. I listen. I hear. I write 108 hand-lettered I AM affirmations. I ask. I AM shown the design and what colors hold specific affirmations. The practice unfolds. Each bead is placed on the cording in outspoken affirmation. Every knot is tied in love. Each string is cut with love. This practice is a moving devotion that is dedicated to you. I create your journey tassel and collects your life as you go. Tt carries the words "I carry this truth in my heart." A dedication unfolds. This carries a recorded reading of your 108 I AM  affirmations. A candle is lit in honor for your light on my path. A hand-lettered dedication letter is written of all I was shown. Your custom set is dedicated with handcrafted essential oil + photographed. For every set that is created I create a second tassel and is tied on a string in my studio in gratitude for you.  


1. Ask yourself if you want to have me intuitively create your set OR if you would like to provide me colors for your beads + tassel + any words you carry with you. 

2.  Once you have decided this you can place your order by clicking "ADD TO CART" (below). You will have the option to select if I will intuitively create them or if you will be part of the process. If you would like to be part of this process you will be prompted to fill out a form. (If you have any questions prior please do not hesitate to contact me using the "contact form" at the bottom of the page. 

3. I receive your order. I will contact you via email letting you know I have received your order and ask you any additional questions I may have. 

4. The creative process is a 3 week journey. Your set of beads will ship no later than the 21st business day from your order date or prior. You will be notified via email with your shipping details.  


WHY 108? 

This is the number I was shown for my first set. 108 has many meanings and one sources states that reading an affirmation 108 times creates and clears space of negative energy and restores it back to the positive. For me this space is your mind and body.



This is the affirmation I was given when I created my first set. I carry this guidance, "The words I AM are two of the most powerful words; for what you put after them shapes your reality."



3 weeks allows time for your set to evolve. During this time I ask for guidance allowing my spirit to be prepared to create these for you. This practice carries my dedication and devotion to this practice.



Yes. You can make a note in the form that you are creating these for someone in your life. Provide me their name for the dedication and affirmations. You can be part of this process by letting me know anything you carry in your heart. This can be characteristics about them, areas they need healing, etc. Anything you provide is only used for the practice and is not disclosed. 



Yes. I have created affirmation beads for weddings, birthdays, baptisms etc. If this is something that interests you please contact be before placing your order using the form at the bottom of this page or email me directly at I will give you additional information: affirmation prompts that can work well for the occasion, guidance on how you can be part of this process etc. 



Yes. This process is a signature practice that is part of the Art of Daily Practice. In January 2014 I created my first set of affirmation beads and wrote 108 I AM affirmations. This unfolded when I had set an intention to bring more positivity into my life through my language. I was on my own healing journey and building my own practice and the negative voice in my mind was creating resistance and physical pain in my life. I had carried this energy for over 10+ years and with the intention I set and a prayer this process unfolded. I was shown the practice, the supplies and the process. Since 2014 I have created over 130 sets of custom affirmation beads and have led over 150 individuals through the practice in the custom workshops I lead.  


Custom Affirmation Beads
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108 Hand-lettered I AM affirmations 

Your custom set of affirmation beads

Your dedication letter + candle

Hand-stamped cloth carrying bag

Your audio reading + images from your dedicated emailed 





"I just received my beads and I am completely blown away by their beauty. They are everything I had hoped for and more. Thank you for taking the time to make them for me. I can feel the love + energy that you put into them. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I know these beads will be with me throughout my journey and for that I am grateful."  Michelle  


"The beautiful and talented artist nichole rae created my first set of Intention Affirmation Beads! They are stunning with such powerful meaning! They will be a daily reminder to me to live my life with INTENTION and to lead with love! Each bead represents an affirmation Nichole Rae chose for me 'I AM'. 108 affirmations for me to choose to live with intention, encourage me, and remind me that I AM LOVE!" -Ashley S. 


"Thank you so much Nichole! I LOVED the pics, and most importantly the message! The audio & affirmations are incredible. Feeling a lot of love & light right now. Thank you for your wisdom and light." - Sandra A.  


"They are gorgeous and I could feel the energy coming off of them. I am so honored you shared  your gifts with me and the message is so right on." - Kim F. Prior


"Thank you so much for the photos! I absolutely LOVE my beads and the affirmations. Thank you for sharing your light with the world." - Allison J.


"Your are the light girl! What a wonderfully charged project this is!" - Sara S.


"I love my affirmations + beads and have been practicing them daily + play your reading at night to go to sleep. Amazing tools for this healing process." - Sandy K. 


"I received my beads and listened to the dedication. How incredibly special this whole process has been! Thank you so much. I can feel the care and love that you pour into your work. I love the beads...the blues and grays feel so gracious and open. It was all perfect! I am honored to have the beads and the dedication and pictures." - Tamara


"Thank you for the custom set of beads. I am continuing to feel the power of my bead set and my affirmations. I Am so grateful" - Carmen

”I wanted to send you a little note to say thank you again.  Some mornings I have less time than others and so I have been picking up my beads that you created for me and listening to you read the affirmations as I repeat them with you.  It has been very special to me to hear your voice reciting the affirmations and each time I hear a new one!  Also, I wanted to mention that the way you string your beads is perfect for the “japa” practice.  Moving the beads through my fingers as you speak each affirmation has been effortless thanks to the way they are strung. Just wanted to let you know how special this gift is to me. I waited a long time to do it and I AM so, so happy that I did!”

“I have been doing this practice at night. When, last night I had this surge of power come over me. 
I decided then, that morning practice would be s fantastic way to begin my days. 
And lemme tell you…” - Theresa H.


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