I AM artist nichole rae

I AM grateful + honored to connect with you. 

I CARRY a collection of creative journaling + affirmation practices.

I AM here to inspire your creative spirit + connect you to your present self. 

I CARRY a foundation for you to begin + unfold into your own daily practice.

I AM here to create space for you to bring inspiration + guidance + healing into your life. 

I AM here to guide you into the beginning of a daily creative practice.





A Collection Of Practices


to inspire your creative spirit + connect you to your present self.


To bring inspiration, healing, guidance into your life.

To create space + cultivate a daily practice with you


To go towards all you do in your life with love. This love carries space and within this space is your 

healing, peace, light + guidance. 


I Lead workshops + private events + 1:1 sessions on my creative practices

Creative Journaling | Custom I AM Affirmation Beads | I AM Affirmation Card Deck | Creative Lettering 


I Carry a collection of creative tools to cultivate a daily practice

Custom Affirmation Beads | Creative Online Guides | 108 Affirmation Card Deck

 Custom Affirmation Candles 


to begin. 
to be a beginner with you.
 to inspire. 
to inspire your creative spirit. 
to connect.
to connect you to your present self.
to create.
to create space for you to unfold.
to guide.
to be your creative guide along the way.
to share. 
to share the Art Of Daily Practice with you to collaborate.
to collaborate + create what you most need to find together. 
to cultivate.
to cultivate your vision +  truth.

I AM honored to connect with you + look forward to create + practice with you.   


I CARRY the dedication to this spirited work

I rise in practice

I CARRY the words I AM + a collection of affirmations

I CARRY faith-filled cups of coffee

I AM beginning. 

I AM inspired. I AM spirited. I AM faith filled.

I collect the little things. 

sweet happenings + adventures + moments along the way

I choose love.

I AM a student + teacher of "A Course In Miracles."

I AM practicing + teaching yoga. 

I collect miles through indoor cycling.

my "life colors" are teal + yellow ochre.

I find heart shaped rocks.

I AM learning as i go.

I CARRY a collection of lessons from the ocean.

I see my days in photographs.

I AM learning how to breathe into the space within.

I AM journey taker.

I CARRY a collection of tassels.

I CARRY gratitude.

I collect + document my journey through mixed media art.

feathers are a symbol of my faith.

I love connecting with others.

I love traveling + documenting my journey through photographs.

I CARRY a tattoo with the word "darling" + a feather.

I CARRY a white table where all this unfolds daily. 


I AM Artist Nichole Rae. I AM a creative guide. I CARRY the Art of DAILY PRACTICE, a collection art journaling + affirmations practices to inspire ones creative spirit and connect you with your present self. I CARRY a collection of creative tools to help one cultivate a daily practice to create space, bring healing, inspiration and love into their life. I lead workshops on my creative practices as well as work with individuals 1:1 as well as hold private events  My practices are inspired from my foundation in book arts, my personal daily practices and studies in yoga and the A Course of Miracles. I CARRY the Custom Affirmation Bead Project, the Art of Daily Practice Creative Journaling and Practice of I AM Affirmation courses, the creative I AM Affirmation Card Deck Practice and I AM the author of the book Art Journal Art Journey - Collage & Storytelling To Honor Ones Creative Process with North Light Books. I lead monthly segments on the North Dakota Today Show and my work has been featured in a collection of national and local publications. I CARRY a passion to collaborate and have had the opportunity to be part of many local events in the Fargo ND/Moorhead MN area. I AM here to begin with you, cultivate a creative daily practice and guide you to “Create What You Most Need To Find.”



"Born teacher, lover, creator and so much more." -Misty H. 

"I just wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration! I always think about journaling but taking the time to journal seems overwhelming. This morning I sat down and wrote. An hour went by and I felt great. Continue to be you and inspiring others! In light, love and gratitude" - Chelsea
"You really inspired me to think and be a better wife + human today! I am truly glad to have met you." - Karen B.  
"If you have not met Artist Nichole Rae before- it's probably time you do - She's got a spark that'll ignite your creativity and a genuineness about her you will find nowhere else." - Ashley M. 
“Nichole is an artist. She is a working artist making a living off her passion. Everyday she creates and encourages me to do the same. Everyday she captures life through her camera lens and shares her story of strength, faith, peace and progress with the world.  Nichole is an artist who continues to create even during difficult times. She does not let the roller coaster of life hinder her creativity, or her ability to express it. Her mixed media prints and mixed media books are inspiration to anyone lucky enough to see her work. Nichole is an artist I am lucky enough to call a friend." - Candice G. 
“If you've had the pleasure of meeting Nichole you already know how supportive and genuine she is in raising others up, she's been such a blessing in my life the past year. She is an artist in town that consistently speaks truth into my soul. Her energy for highlighting hope in every moment comes from a great source of love and selflessness. She has extended cups of tea and words of affirmation.” - Ashley D.  
"Nichole is a person who has shown up in my life at many different times. She is someone who continues to inspire me and helps me fill my soul when I feel it beginning to feel empty. One conversation with her can change your life. Thank you Nichole for being an inspiration in my life!"  - Carrie S.


© Artist Nichole Rae