{I AM} artist nichole rae

 a creative guide. an honest writer. a truth seeker


I carry 


art of daily practice

a practice 

that is unfolding day by day

a practice that carries 

the words

create what you most need to find

this practice 

is where my

dedication + devotion


the space within

where i have found

my inner voice + my truth

 my purpose


{I AM} Here

i carry my purpose with love + truth



to begin. 

to be a beginner with you. 

to inspire. 

to inspire you + your creative spirit. 

to teach. 

to teach creative + journaling processes to document your journey

to create.

to create through the practice of art journaling. 

to guide

to be your creative guide along the way.

to share. 

to share the Art Of Daily Practice 

to carry.

to carry + unfold space for creative opportunities

to connect.

to connect with you as we go along. 

to be. 

to be an artist  + share this with you

to cultivate.

to cultivate the truth within you. 



I am here 

to share my daily practices

to create opportunity

to inspire the connection 

with the truth and space within you

to be a beginner with you


to be a spark of light

that inspires you


to guide you how to go forth

empowering {you} to lead bravely 

into your journey


to your inner truth


this is my purpose

to carry the

art of daily practice

to share

my journey through moving devotions

my practice



into my truth


i carry

a beginning of a new beginning

1,095 days ago

at the age of  27

i carried

 8 years of loving someone with all my heart .

i carried holding on

to the "not knowing what to do"

i carried standing still

with the heaviest layers over my heart

layers of tears. heartache. chronic pain + fear

day after day

this heaviness i carried

dimmed the light within me

I could not hear

my own voice. feel my own intuition

confidence.  purpose. desires.

i could not SEE the love within me

the only way through would be to begin

a beginning of a new beginning

i carry leaving + letting go. 

i carry

wildly unfolding without direction

dancing to "into the mystic" on the beach

and the words

"moving forward like a freight train"

somewhere in between the rhythm of the ocean waves


 the memory of crossing over the line drawn in the sand

i felt a feeling within in me

 it was a spark of light 

{a spark i would soon SEE}

i carried

3 duffle bags + 4 boxes 

i carry a solo plane ride from sunny southern California

back to my hometown in Minnesota

i carried the words "artist nichole rae" 

after taking the leap. 

the leap

to begin 

a beginning of a new beginning

i carried the days being completely different

i carried an 80 degree temperature difference 

i carried holding onto

to the "not knowing what to do" and remembering that spark of light

i smile as i write this- that spark of light is filling my studio space 

and the space within

i would at age 28 begin again

i carried the words

"with my whole heart, i must go forth as an artist"

creative since the age of 6 

these words were the beginning of what i know today

as my truth. 

i carried the day everything changed

the day this spark of light met the teachings 

of A Course In Miracles

this spark was filled with a light

a light that began to lift the heaviness 

a light that illuminated a space within in me

i carry a collection of daily practices

morning  devotions

journals. lessons. writings. miracles

i carried the words "I forgive" 

and the sound of my own voice

i began to feel a feeling i had not felt before

a feeling of love

a love that was within me

a love that was beginning to heal the ache + the pain

a love that was guiding me in confidence at the age of 29


leading me into my purpose. 

a love that has inspired my life

a love that has allowed me to SEE 

a love that has lifted the layers

i carry

a truth within me

i carry a knowing of my purpose 

 guiding me 

guiding me to share these practices

 with you

to connect

to inspire your truth

to cultivate the space within


"You are glowing with light and love.  Thank you for all you do!"

Candice G. 

"You are a beautiful light."

Abby F.

"Thank you for sharing yourself with the world. You are beautiful, creative, talented, & inspiring!"

Pamm M.



© Artist Nichole Rae 2015